gloeiige bicycle route.

gloeiige bicycle route.
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Visit Eersel


creative engineering
experience design


July 2021 -
March 2022



giving life to a ghostly apparition of a local squire.

the challenge.

A 30 km cycling route, in the Brabant village of Eersel, tells a story of a greedy squire. Legend says, to this day, the Gloeiige wanders as a ghostly apparition in the area from where he committed his crimes.

The purpose of the project was to present the Gloeiige story in public spaces, where it was crucial to make it unobtrusive and unnoticeable.

our role.

The art objects and interactive elements we placed along the route take the cyclists through the tragic story of the Gloeiige. Along the route are narrative pillars, stealthy whisper posts and a chromed statue of the Gloeiige.