f’kes meerijden.

f’kes meerijden.
Brainport Bereikbaar


Brainport Bereikbaar


creative engineering
industrial design


January 2020 -
September 2023



on the way to a new, social and sustainable future of travelling in the Kempen region.

the challenge.

In times of shrinking public transport network, Brainport Bereikbaar was looking for a studio to create a self-sufficient physical aid to reintroduce the age-old-hitchhiking to promote sustainable transport behaviour. An aid that is unique, ergonomic and vandalism-proof should serve as a landmark and a boarding location. It should eventually result in a safe, well connected network which contributes to social cohesion.

our role.

By analysing users, ergonomics and other technical specifications, we developed 6 self-sufficient pilot lift columns for Kempen residents to provide a sustainable transport alternative. With a solid robust base and soft rounded details, the design is vandalism proof but is also inviting to use. Having simple and clear controls, interaction of the lift column is kept easy and accessible.

To add to sustainability, the system in the lift column is self-sufficient and the exterior is made using locally sourced materials.

In De Kempen, hitchhiking will be possible in 2023 via an innovative lift column. A digital map on the column shows the possible directions and at the push of a button the direction appears on a ticker for passing motorists.

“In addition to less busy roads, healthier air and cost savings, it is also an enrichment to have a conversation with a fellow villager. Lifting connects.”

Councilor Hetty van der Hamsvoort (municipality of Bladel)